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          Start with the 3 steps shown here in getting ready to act in front of a camera, because you only have about three seconds to get into character as the clap board is put in front of you.

Step one: Who am I?     Who the character thinks they are      Give "Who am I?" a triggering tag name to the history you have given your character, "doctor, policeman, lawyer, etc."      So, when you say who am I? "A doctor", it triggers the life history you have planned for your character. "He is married, is a great lover, but is unhappy at his job, etc".
Step two: What do I feel?      Then start body with emotion.      Breathe in, then out with emotion you have picked for the character, "desire, grief, joy, greed, regret, awe, etc"...      So, you say to yourself, what do I feel? "Grief". You only do the emotion once, don't keep repeating the emotion to yourself. You have trained the body, it will take over.
Step three: What do I want?     With emotion going, next comes objective.     Start thinking only the objective over and over. Always think of a selfish objective for the character, "to keep the money, to win his confidence, to get the girl, etc"..       Then you say, what do I want? "To win his confidence, to win his confidence, to win his confidence, to win his confidence... Exclusion to everything else.


          Acting is a controlled obsession.

          When the director yells 'C-U-T', you are no longer the character.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."












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