An actor's job is storytelling.

       Storytelling and reveal character, that is what it is all about.

          We are storytellers. I'm not talking about logic, I am talking about the skill of telling a story. We all try to act with our intellect, you can't do it, acting is an emotional experience. It's only a partial mental experience. Don't look for psychological conclusion as an actor. A good actor knows when to do it, how to do it and make the right choices. Use all the resources you've learned from life and then you say, this can work in terms of the audience. You have to be theatrical. It won't work if you don't have no smarts. Consider the material in depth. What is the reading in it that will interest an audience. That is what they are looking for when they hire you.

     art of compression     story

  1. All acting is part of storytelling: Must make your points.
  2. Every moment is story telling.
  3. If you have the stage to yourself at the start of a scene, you have to help tell the story reveal your character, reveal pieces of the story within those few minutes.
  4. In storytelling: it's foreplay, lead the audience on.
  5. In story telling, don't take up time with things that don't matter, art of compression. Everything you do must be meaningful, audience is waiting for information. Indicate with thought.
  6. My work is storytelling. The horror is that there is no horror.  A thing should reveal itself slowly.
  7. Play out the values. This is the legitimacy of it, this is the creditability of it. (We are telling a love story.)
  8. Principle is: to know where you are in your journey of telling a story.
  9. (Story about war.)
  10. Principle: Storytelling, don't take up time with things that don't matter, art of compression.
  11. We are part of storytelling.
  12. We want to see the result. Theme of story: (A woman can get raped but can become the accused. Wrong person being punished): Theme of story. Where am I in the storytelling.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."