straight man


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  1. All Comedy set-up: Some are the clown. The square is the identification of audience. Essence of all comedy: need to find the underlying basic joke throughout.
  2. Can't both be clowns. Audience identification is straight man. The other is the clown.
  3. Who is the straight man?
  4. He is straight man, she is clown.
  5. One comic and one straight man.
  6. Only deal actuality. Create a reality. Can't both be hysterical. Both can't be comedian. (She is straight to his insanity.)
  7. Play comedy one straight man, one funny man.
  8. Reaction to jokes. Comedy has a straight man and comic. Comic is the one who generates. Straight man gets pie in face.
  9. Straight person is great.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."