study a script


           How to study a script?

           Never play the part aloud when you're alone.

           Don't act in front of a mirror.

           The director is there to watch you. He's your third eye.

           Learn the lines exactly as written.

           Rehearse (play) the scene... with actor you're going to perform with.

           Each actor has to develop his/her own study habits.

           Don't overanalyze or ponder the deep meaning of each line.

           Your brain will sort out the meaning for itself. You're conditioned to the meaning of words.


1. never aloud 4. learn lines exact 7. don't  over analysis
2. no mirror acting 5. rehearse with same partner 8. meaning of words
3. director third eye 6. study habits


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Comedy: The first thing you have to do is study your script and you have to make a mark where you believe the laughs are.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."