1. Actor has a will. Adequate actors do their thing. Even the triumph of no talent.
  2. Balance the personality.
  3. Being talented isn't enough, you must have skills.
  4. Beware of what you do well. It is a great temptation.
  5. Cannot be just charming.
  6. Characteristics make you interesting.
  7. Don't repeat something, go back to cause of it (the emotion and the objective) when redoing a scene, then hoping your talent will even make it better
  8. Everyone has their thing.
  9. Faith in your own talent.
  10. Leave it alone, leave your talent alone.
  11. Leave talent alone.
  12. Leave your body (talent) alone, it will do all the right things.
  13. Let your talent help make choices, it's better than just reasoning it out.
  14. People are born with talent, others are born with shit.
  15. Resemble life: don't answer all answers all up front. Feel emotion, do objective. Let talent take over. Less the better.
  16. Skills and talent.
  17. Step off diving board, talent will take over.
  18. Talent is sensitive.
  19. Talent will take care of you. Don't just perfect skills, act down to your finger tips.
  20. Talented and know what is right.
  21. Talented painter attacks canvas.
  22. The ability to play emotions.
  23. The greatest impressionist: Van Gogh, never painted carefully. The passion is there.
  24. Things you find come out from your talent not your brain.
  25. Throw your talent into it, explore it.
  26. Trust your talent. Don't instruct yourself.
  27. Turn your talent loose.
  28. When re-doing a scene, don't repeat what you just did, but go back to cause of it (the emotion and the objective,) then hoping your talent will even make it better.
  29. With talent, young people must learn tenderness.
  30. You have talent, see what it can do.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."