Theatre is never life.

           Directors in theatre.

  1. All theater is foreplay.
  2. Can't look like conventional theater.
  3. Difference between reality and theater: we are making a mirror image, a painting of something.
  4. Emotions. Secret of all drama: move people. All theater is about difficulty. Opposite of love is indifference, not hatred.
  5. Greek Theater. They wore masks. More proclaiming, learn to be an orator. Every word must be understood, this is not normal speech.
  6. Idea in theater that it looks real.
  7. Make it look like life, not theater. Documentary different look. Don't make it on the line.
  8. Naturalism is a bore, that is what's wrong with theater, must have high theatrics.
  9. Theater is a series of effects. Audience will make their own truths. Make the right choices. Can it be accepted as true. Audience believe the character. Art is not truth.
  10. Play theater, the theatrical.
  11. Play the theater, don't play the wheels of scene.
  12. Sound must go with look. Theater: fill the auditorium.
  13. Theater is never life.
  14. Theater of the Absurd, can't look like conventional theater.
  15. The audience is suppose to have fun. And we will have fun only if you are more miserable than we are. That is the whole principle of theater.
  16. Why way off: Theater acting is an expensive hobby. What you are going to make a living at 99% for the camera.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."