time period


              The location (like the time) can mean different life-styles and attitudes.

            What is the time period?

               people of different periods

  1. Deal with the period (1936).
  2. Don't play a man not knowing his situation. Read about times and places; make decisions.
  3. Gangsters of the time were sympathetic, victims of society. They were the one's to pride themselves of doing good.
  4. Hatred is different. What people believe are different today.
  5. How did people behave then?
  6. Learn social values of different times 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's: to make choices.
  7. Music. Environment: To know yesteryear.
  8. To exist in the clothes of that time.
  9. Never think what I would think. Think what the playwright is saying for his time period. What is the meaning under the words?
  10. Try to improve your own character. Understand different times, (Grapes of Wrath) read about them.
  11. Understand the time period play comes from. (30's)
  12. Familiar with the period.
  13. Understand the time: 1936. The role of women were different. Didn't have a chance for a profession.
  14. Women of that time acted different from today.
  15. Women weren't aggressive.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."