Tiny Ron
7 foot actor


Film and T.V.

Demo tape

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"The Rocketeer"

Sam Elliot's low blow in.

"Road House"

with Patrick Swayze

I played Roc in

"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"


Check out my 'Good Ole Country Boy' at 1:11 in The Rocketeer trailer.

Maihar'du and Quark

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

7 Episodes

The Giant and the Child

"Alien Nation: Body and Soul"

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Jacko the Giant

"Last Man Standing"

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Queen Mother

"Alien Nation: The Enemy Within"

Alpha Hirogen

Star  Trek: Voyager

"Message in a Bottle"


Independent Films


"Shadow Box"


Bigfoot aka Sasquatch

"Devil on the Mountain"


"Holyman Undercover"

      I want to pass this on how I got the name Tiny Ron. In an acting workshop while doing scenes, Don Richardson my acting teacher would on occasion yell out tiny, tiny, keep it tiny.  Being a big 7 footer that I am, my acting too large would be like a mountain moving all over the place on the small and large screens. He taught me how to act simple. When I got my first acting job and was eligible for my SAG card, I found out that I couldn't keep my real name Ron Taylor. It was already in use by another actor. I asked Don, "what name should I use"? He said, "let me think about it". He finally came back to me with the name Tiny Ron. My talent falls in a tall character actor category and my acting name of Tiny Ron would stick out among the other names. Directors and producers would find it easy to remember.

It is hard to believe my fans see me as growing into a mutant alien.