Facts versus artistic truth.

            No ultimate truth.

            American actors are hung up on a search for truth.

             Shakespeare     honesty


     Truth of the author.

     Stay with the truth of story.

     Style: (don't talk about "truth") don't overlap styles. That happens when you're looking for the truth.

     Art is not the truth, a lie to see the truth.

       Audience believe the character.


      Make the right choices.

     Can it be accepted as true? There is no one truth.

     If it works, it works. Directors job is to make it work, don't worry about the logic.

     Has to look like life.

     Theater is a series of effects. Audience will make their own truths.

     Try to hit on a few truths it's better.

             Lines are the noises people are making. Mostly lies anyway. Don't take it literally. Each word doesn't have the truth, unless the play is a language play; Shakespeare, Wilder, etc.

            Play the situation, ideal and truth.

            Find the truth under the Farce.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."