world of imagination


     world of illusion     imaginary world      


  Audience lives in actor's imagination, he or she takes audience into a dream.

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     To lure the audience into a dream that you invent, make them forget their own  problems.

     It is all believing your imagination, hypnotize yourself.

     And on entering the dream, you must stay in the dream.

     Dream is another place and another person. This is make believe, you're a cop, I'm a robber, walk into it. I'm just in this dream. There is no you.

     Never put yourself, the actor, in the dream.

     Before you act; you can't enter the world of imagination with energy of real world. You must be bigger than life energy.

     Being talented isn't enough, you must have skills.

     The first thing you must learn is getting into imaginary world. The second thing you must learn is how to talk to somebody. The wire (the little electrodes) between the two actors.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."